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  1. Born in Patterson, NJ in , Jimmy Charles achieved meteoric, but limited, success as a one-hit wonder in with the ballad, "A Million To One".
  2. Million to one (a million to one) yeah, yeah, yeah, whoa You (you) never missed a way to say I love you. (never missed a way to say I love you) Funny how a miracle can come true. Here we are side by side, so in love. I (I) gambled with this love of mine from the start. Hoping that I'd find a way to your heart.
  3. Lyrics to "A Million To One" by JIMMY CHARLES: A million to one / That's what our folks think about this love of ours / A million to one / They say that our love will fade like yesterday's flowers / They're betting everything that our love won't survive / They're hoping (hoping) in time we'll forget / .
  4. A Million to One Lyrics. [Verse 1: Ralph Tresvant] A million to one. That's what our folks think about this love of ours. A million to one. They say that our love will fade like yesterday's.
  5. Aug 15,  · By comparison, hedge-fund-like “long-short” funds, which are supposed to thrive in such times, gained percentage points less. A $, portfolio earning % a year would grow to $2 million in 25 years. The same portfolio earning three points less wouldn’t even get to $1 million.
  6. The series eventually ran to 15 volumes. The series has been in continual print in one form or another since that first volume was released in In total, their signature track sold over one million copies and was awarded a gold disc. A case of painfully bad timing affected the group's lead singer.
  7. A Million to One. A Mexican immigrant’s life seems doomed, until he gets a check for one million dollars and is urged to use it well. Can he avoid temptation and greed?Actors: Paul Rodriguez.
  8. Traditionally, one has to say "it's a million-to-one chance, but it might just work!" to invoke this rule. It also has to be exactly a million to one - none of this fiddly ", to 1" business, or whatever other number you might end up with.

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