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  1. Oct 03,  · c. murder is a violation of the categorical imperative. d. murder is intuitively wrong. Internalists are those who hold a. that the motive to act morally is separate from the recognition of moral facts. b. that moral facts come from an intuitive sense inside us. c. that real moral facts must motivate those who recognize the fact. d.
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  3. The example of the moral misanthrope, as discussed by Sandel, provides a scope for what type of action or decision has genuine moral worth. Sandel presents a person whose entire life has loved helping people and doing things the right way because he loved humanity until one day all went to shit and he ****ing hates the world and humanity BUT he.
  4. Evans, Robert - Violence in Children "June Star doesn't play games, and she certainly doesn't play by anyone else's rules. O'Connor depicts her (and, to a lesser extent, John Wesley) as a mean, selfish, and utterly inconsiderate child, thereby violating the standard fictional rule that children should be presented as innocent, naïve, and 'cute'" (Evans). #1.
  5. O'Connor claims that the heroine of this story is the grandmother, who, facing the Misfit "realizes that she is responsible for the man before her and joined to him by ties of kinship which have.
  6. Mister Argumentative Essay just from $13,9 / page. get custom paper. Dry Johann Broody at a conference said"My neighbor's sorrow Is my sorrow' (), which is another key concept when dealing with Bunt, as sorrow Is an obstacle which everyone has to go through and It usually comes In the form of death, Illness or other hurtful events. And when.
  7. 1. "Morality is not like a light that shines in every good action. To see whether an action is moral we always must look beyond the action and to what it has brought about." The person who makes this argument is obviously NOT a _____. Your Answer: nonconsequentialist 2. An act consequentialist denies that a consideration of either general moral rules or possible outcomes of an action can help.
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